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Monday, March 23, 2009

Pevely Dairy Collapse Video

(From YouTube user "ahoock" via Bill Michalski.)


Matt M. said...

Difficult to watch.

Of course, I mean this on two levels: the brick-hugging preservationist side of me and the post-9/11 side of me.

Anonymous said...

Just how often is the occurrence of mysterious fires in buildings recently put up for sale?

Daily site up for sale - 11/2008

Anonymous said...

Matt - I was reminded of the same thing - the nervous laughter reactions of some co-workers in '01 that occurs in the background of this clip. I thought they were jerks at the time, but I guess that's just how some process.

samizdat said...

Hmm, that's funny. I thought: oh, great, another stupid mofo idiot with an acetylene cuting torch. *Sniff, sniff*. What's that I smell? No, no, not the burning smell. The lawsuit smell. Painful, anyway, to watch. Just not in any way related to 9/11. I was just thinking what a disaster it would be if this group of buildings went away. So, is Pevely packing up and moving to another location? Hence the sale. Or was this building just a redundant structure for them? Either way, the boardroom at Pevely must be doing dances. "Awesome, now we just have to write off the cost of demo, which the insurance will pay for anyway, and we're set. Sweet!"

Anonymous said...

Was anybody hurt in this collapse? Of course, I can't find any info on STL Today.