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Friday, March 13, 2009

SAB Approves Superintendent's Recommended Facilities Plan

Last night, the Special Administrative Board unanimously approved the Facilities Management Plan recommended by St. Louis Public Schools Superintendent Kelvin Adams. The recommendations call for 17 school closures and the possible demolition of Mann School in Tower Grove South. (The summary and list are available here.) Adams first presented his recommendations to the SAB on February 26.

At last night's meeting, three individuals spoke on behalf of Mann School during the public comment period, but the SAB ignored the pleas to keep the school open. However, the plan approved by the SAB would not close Mann until 2011 with a decision made next year, providing time for community input and reversal of the recommendations. Tower Grove South residents including the Block Captains association as well as Alderwoman Jennifer Florida (D-15th) oppose closing Mann and any plan that would call for its demolition.


Anonymous said...

Please remind us - when and in what forum has Jennifer Florida opposed Mann's closing and its possible demolition?

Alliance to Preserve Mann Elementary

Christian said...

This is curious, what did I miss?

While there is a resident driven Alliance to Preserve Mann, Jennifer Florida hasn't taken a public stand. If she really is opposed to its closing I'd like to hear her action.

Since she doesn't know how to use her blog perhaps you can do an interview with her here, Michael?