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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Storefront Addition: A Corner in JeffVanderLou

Here is another corner storefront addition in located at 2800 James Cool Papa Bell (at Leffingwell) JeffVanderLou. This is made for high density, with a storefront on James Cool papa Bell and two additional (although now filled) storefront bays on Leffingwell. Although vacant and now owned by Union Martin LLC, the house and the addition are in good condition. Note the dentillated cornice on the storefront, and the intact dormer details on the main house.

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samizdat said...

Is the main house cornice strictly decorative galvanized steel, or a functional copper-lined wood gutter? I would hope for the latter, since recreating the steel would cost in the thousands, possibly five digits, depending on the condition. Recreating the wood cornice wouldn't cost as much, and, depending on the skill of a potential homeowner, could be quite cheap. Although, replacing the copper liner might put a dent in ones pocketbook. This home would make a great space/home for an artist or small-scale fabricator.