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Saturday, July 30, 2005

More on Hyde Park "Security Wall"

Yesterday we posted about a security wall that Shreves Engine Company wants to build in Hyde Park, which would require them to tear down nine houses to make room for it.

Naturally, 3rd Ward Alderman Bosley approves this project.

Well, Mayor Slay has now written on his website that he is impressed with the idea, and may likely support it. He cites that this particular type of wall, gabion walls, "are really hot architectural elements in Europe."

You know what else is popular in architecture in large parts of Europe, that's also a green building strategy? Not tearing down historic buildings!!

1 comment:

Michael R. Allen said...

People in Ward 3 have been talking about such a recall since the primary results were certified. Let's hope that they get serious.

I actually learned of this news from your blog, and intend to write up a proper shout-out to your blog.