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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Farewell Rock Star Rags and Ching-Ching's

While the near north side is still cool, it just lost two very cool spots: Rock Star Rags, the vintage clothing wholesaler located at Ninth and St. Louis that occasionally hosted public by-the-pound sales, and Ching-Ching's Old Fashioned Snack Shop, located at 3332 N. 19th Street.

I had wondered why Ching-Ching's seemed suddenly to be perpetually closed, until I found the for-sale listing on CraigsList [LINK DEFUNCT]. Hopefully a reputable buyer will take over the operation. The area between St. Louis Avenue and Salisbury Street certainly needs a third restaurant to complement the frequently-mobbed Crown Candy and the Cornerstone. Personally, I'd like to be be able to get a veggie burger within walking distance somewhere other than my own kitchen. After a day's work of pointing basement walls or taking out loose plaster, Ching-Ching's was a relief.

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