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Sunday, May 7, 2006

St. Aloysius Gonzaga Church Under Demolition

Photograph taken on Tuesday, May 2.


Anonymous said...

I went by the other day to get a few pictures, very upsetting. The church was still intact so you got that nice vista along Magnolia. That will soon change. The neighborhood will soon live to regret allowing it to go.

Anonymous said...

Residents already regret it. But what no one says publicly is what these nearly 100-percent white blocks truly feared was a black church coming in. When the school first closed four years ago, residents then fought a Head Start Center from going in, for fears of poor black children and their families. Even the pastor of St. Ambrose understood (or helped flame) the fears by tactfully saying it would be "too painful" for former parishioners to see their church reused as anything else.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating observation.

In the year 2006, racism is connected to wiping out our historic architecture.

I'd love to be in the head of typical white southsider reading similar comments in Town Talk.

Start dialing people.

Joe said...

Very, very depressing.

I was walking in the vicinity on Saturday and thought about checking it out, but didn't.

Now I wish I had gotten one last look.

Anonymous said...


Jesus, it hurts.

David G. said...

From a Southerner, this is atrocious ...History wasted because of racial fears?!?

Fundamentalist scrambling of the brains is more like it!!