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Friday, September 8, 2006

Hyperbolic language, first from them, then from me.

Did the P-D lower its journalistic standards to that of a second-rate blog?

Why, no, it's just the latest kissyfest between Federated's PR machine and Slay's PR machine, and if it happened to get published in the P-D, so be it!

Behold: The iron will of stylish, spiffy Macy's has boldly triumphed over the oppressive, dour frumptitude of Famous Barr to singlehandedly save Downtown! Bravo!

And apparently Macy's had a block party today, which involved red t-shirts, the closing of Olive, the Rams cheerleaders, and no less than a proclamation by Mayor Slay that today is Macy's Day in St. Louis. Did I or did I not call this one in advance?

(Sock it to me, kids. And remember: There's nothing as parochial as pride in local history!)


tobyweiss.com said...

But it was noted in the Post puff piece that Macy's is leaving the original metal placcards attached to the building, as a nod to history.

Yes, a bone toss, but an acceptable one.

Anonymous said...

It looked like they were, but actually, as of Friday, only one of the old "Famous Barr" placcards remained along the Olive and 6th street sides.

The rest had all been redone with new Macy's signs.

So it's sort of a hide and seek St. Louis history game now.

"Who can find the old store sign on the outside of the buiding?"

Claire Nowak-Boyd said...

Yeah, anony, they only kept some, although the article managed to finesse the language to leave out that detail.

And Toby, I certainly do appreciate the bone tosses we have been given; I'm just sick of the PR and the powers that be insisting that these paltry bones constitute a four course dinner.

(And I still don't understand how Famous Barr couldn't have gotten brighter and spiffy-er under the old name?)