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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Noises, Part Two

This morning, I awoke to a sound so loud coming from the roof above that I figured a giant squirrel was on top of our house.

I went out the back window on the third floor onto the lower roof and climbed the ladder to the upper roof to find that one of the tarps covering the front of the roof had dislodged from the board nailed across and through it, and was beating against the roof deck with great force in the autumn wind. A quick fix secured it once more, and I was off to work.

Due to a variety of complications that effective discourage investment by owner-occupants even in a supposedly-trendy part of north St. Louis, we are only now posed to close on a major rehab loan. We will begin brick work after the first of November, and the new roof should be on by Christmas barring winter precipitation and freezing temperatures. I suppose there is a silver lining to global warming, at least this year.

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Doug Duckworth said...

What about the 5k rehab loans from the City?