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Friday, April 6, 2007

District Closing and Selling Five Schools, Selling Six More

The St. Louis Public Schools will be closing and selling five more schools and selling six others. (Post-Dispatch coverage is here.) These are the first closings since 2003, when the district closed 17 schools.

Schools to be closed and sold:
Ashland Branch, 4415 Margaretta Avenue
Euclid Montessori, 1131 North Euclid Avenue
Lafayette, 815 Ann Avenue
Turner Branch, 4235 West Kennerly Avenue
Webster Middle, 2127 North 11th Street

Additional buildings to be sold:
Central High, 3616 North Garrison Avenue
DeAndreis, 4275 Clarence Avenue
Gardenville, 6651 Gravois Avenue
Lexington, 5020 Lexington Avenue
Marshall, 4342 Aldine Avenue
Marshall Branch, 4322 Aldine Avenue


Anonymous said...

What provisions would you like to see in the sale contracts regarding demolition or re-use of the properties?


Anonymous said...

Seeing as we are about to lose local control of our school system, our views do not really matter. I think PE should tell us what his employer will do rather than engage in a sham attempt to solicit opinions.

Michael R. Allen said...

"What provisions would you like to see in the sale contracts regarding demolition or re-use of the properties?"

Demolition prohibited.

Preference given to reuse plans that follow the Secretary of the Interior's Standards on Historic Rehabilitation and make use of the state historic tax credit.

Anonymous said...

One of the difficult things to get the school board to include has always been a reverter clause.


Joe said...

SLPS tried to sell Gardenville School in 2003, but they wanted too much and so they couldn't get a solid contract.

Why not sell it to the City for their much-desired Community Center... and thus come full-circle, since for over 20 years it was operated as a community center leased for $1/year from SLPS.

It would probably take several million $$ to bring it up to code, since it's been mostly vacant for almost 5 years now.