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Friday, April 13, 2007

Even a cat can do it

I am reminded on a daily basis that StL's bus system needs to be more user-friendly. Even bare bones schedules and maps at every stop would go a long way, as would running buses more than every 500 years (erm, 30 minutes).

But still, I have heard some funny excuses over the years for why folks don't climb aboard.

Next time I get an earful about how trying [just once!] even the straightforward, straight line, eponymous, every-10-minutes Grand bus is mysteriously "too hard," I believe I will have to let the person know that even a cat can figure out a bus system.

Behold!: Mystery cat takes regular bus to the shops

....thanks to Jesse Swoboda for the tip!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not that anyone asked, but in my small mind, the only thing wrong with public transit in St. Louis is that it is 98% NOT user-friendly. It's like they* (*Bi-State Dev. Co./Metro) take all of our money to build the thing and yet they really don't want us to USE it. Dog forbid the thing would be used, let alone function correctly. I think they* are amazed that people even use the buses & trains.
your pal, Robin