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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Take a Trip With Cindy Tower

Those who frequently haunt abandoned places around St. Louis may have run into painter Cindy Tower, a dynamo who paints scenes from abandoned places -- on site, not from photographs! This video shows here in action.


Anonymous said...

Brooklyn is not considered abandoned by the people who live there. The town has many well kept homes with owner occupants.

Yes, the meat packing plant is abandoned. But that's not Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a very tiny place with much important history to the St. Louis region and nation.

Anonymous said...

It sounded like her last comment on the video was "hooking into (the) community". What does she mean by community?

The paintings look masterful. Are they for sale?

Anonymous said...

yes they are for sale @ Bruno David Gallery in St. Louis.

Michael R. Allen said...

First Anonymous: I don't endorse the notion that Brooklyn is abandoned. I also known that the Armour packing plant is located in what was National City and is now East St. Louis, not Brooklyn.

Nonetheless, the video and its subject are compelling, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

The art looks cool, but it was Cindy Tower who makes the comment about Brooklyn being abandoned. Maybe she meant that the vacant lot, the one where they find dead bodies, is abandoned?

The same could be said about many sites within the city of St. Louis, but one would not say that St. Louis is "abandoned". Well, I guess some would...If I'm a Brooklyn resident, I doubt I'm taking much solace in Cindy's references to historic Brooklyn.

How is she helping, with her narratives of body guards, packs of wild dogs, crackheads, prostitutes, dead bodies, and abandonment?

I wonder how many of the buyers of her art ever met with a Brooklyn resident, or offered to help pay for the repair of their one, broken down, fire truck? I wonder if they even know about it? It'd be cool if Cindy'd paint a picture of a group of Brooklyn residents trying to fix their one, inoperable fire truck.

Re. the fire truck, I think they got a new one, or service from ESL. Brooklyn is within the benefit area of the ESL Community Fund.

The Fund help finance a new city park for Brooklyn. You should see it. It's on par with one of the STL Cardinals Cardinal Care Baseball fields. The park is visible from the the proposed realignment of Route 3.

The narrative of Brooklyn can go many ways.