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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Washington University Medical Center Plans to Demolish Ettrick Apartments

According to an article by Tim Woodcock in today's West End Word, the Washington University Medical Center plans to demolish the historic Ettrick Apartments at the northwest corner of Euclid and Forest Park in the Central West End. The historic apartment building was built in 1905 and designed by A. Blair Ridington.

The demolition is part of a campus expansion plan that hinges on zoning overlay legislation sponsored by Ald. Joseph Roddy (D-17th).


Anonymous said...

Though not particularly notable, This building is reserved and handsome. The details are understated and attractive, and the building will be missed if demolished. I hope they change their plans.

Anonymous said...

I think the bigger story is the planned demolition of the oldest section of CID and of the very cool old Shriner's Hospital at Clayton/Euclid.

Anonymous said...

What exactly will replace the Ettrick? At the risk of sounding cranky and presumptuous, it's not PARKING, is it, by some rare, unheard of chance? "Green space"..? A mini "plaza", maybe with some excruciatingly bad art, a fountain, and a couple benches? I assume this is a proverbial "done deal". How depressing.

I would love to be wrong, about all of the above, especially the "done deal" part. If it is going to be zotzed, maybe they will replace it with something worthy of (arguably) the most distinguished neighborhood in the city..?

Anonymous said...

I never like the sunken retail of this building, when everything else along Euclid is at ground-level.

Michael R. Allen said...

My understanding is that the demolition of Shriner's Hospital and CID are only possibilities, and not definite plans, but that the Ettrick demolition is a definite plan.

Regarding sunken retail, that was a common feature on early St. Louis apartment buildings. See the Melrose on Sarah for another example by the same architect as the Ettrick.

pkd said...

1905, eh? I'm sitting in Barnes looking at it right now. It looks as if they've modernized the windows in an unfortunate manner. "The Ettrick" inset looks nice, though.