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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Threatened Central West End Building For Sale on CraigsList

Community Baptist Church has posted a CraigsList ad for the building at 4477 Olive Street, subject of discussion at last month's Preservation Board meeting where the board considered demolition on preliminary review. (Read more here.) The neighboring Youth Technology Education Center (YTEC) is seeking demolition for expansion of its facility, but does not own the building. The board voted to defer the matter for two months to allow the Central West End Association, YTEC and the church to explore alternative plans including preservation of the former laundry building.

The ad states that the asking price is $250,000.


Anonymous said...

This is an adorable building, but so many other unique buildings in that area are going for so much less... While I hate to see it torn down, doesn't it matter that it will be replaced with something useful? As opposed to the corporations that just buy and buy and buy... and leave buildings boarded up and scary until they are beyond repair?

Anonymous said...

Good JoB! :)