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Friday, May 30, 2008

Near North Bus Tour Responses

On Wednesday, I led a bus tour of Old North, St. Louis Place and JeffVanderLou for listeners of Charlie Brennan's show on KMOX. Yesterday, Charlie took calls from those who took the tour. Listen to their responses here.


tobyweiss.com said...

Michael, this is brilliant: letting Charlie carry the banner! To hear all those people repeat all the things that the residents fighting McKee say? Heartwarming. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

McKee is up a creek. It's funny how all these guys want to talk to Charlie off the record.

I wonder how this issue would go over on Donnybrook? What do you think Wendy Wiese would say? She strikes me as the possible McKee defender. We know that Ray, the old RFT guy, would stick up for the people.

So when is the Post Dispatch going to get in on the action and start running similar stories?

Michael...this situation has the making for a great PBS Frontline investigation. Or perhaps Michael Moore.

Imagine Michael Moore walking up the steps to McKee's O'Fallon office building. Moore interviewing McKee. Get that image in your head.

It would be great.

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to hear other people agree that the common sense reaction is disgust, and deep concern that the city and developer are colluding in an illegal form of eminent domain. Michael & Charlie hit this one out of the park.

GMichaud said...

I always liked Charlie Brennan, but his taking the lead in the media makes me appreciate him much more as a journalist.
Paul McKee is a bad actor, truly criminal, breaking the law in every way.
Will the city act now? McKee clearly owns the state legislature and governor. I suppose he also owns city government.
Thanks Micheal for your efforts.
The real problem is as Charlie Brennan says the Mayor represents Paul McKee and not the people.
The city is breaking its own laws and continues to make excuses for McKee.
I truly expected more of the Mayor, it is a shame the ethical foundation of government has descended to serving the needs of one man and his profitability at the expense of the community.

GMichaud said...

Maybe it isn't the Mayor, maybe he has Karl Rove style advisor's leading him down the wrong path.
In any case, he is getting it wrong. The whole process must become inclusive.
The city is not a one man show. McKee has already proven himself an ass, so how can anyone expect anything else but asinine results if he gets his way in North St. Louis?

Doug Duckworth said...

That fucker probably never saw this coming.