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Friday, August 29, 2008

Small Victory for Sensible Agriculture

From the Marshall News-Democrat's story "Judge rules in favor of Arrow Rock CAFO opponents":

The future of confined animal feeding operations in Saline County is uncertain after Associate Circuit Judge Patricia Joyce ruled in Cole County Circuit Court Monday, Aug. 25, in favor of Arrow Rock opponents to Dennis Gessling's proposed CAFO two miles from the village.

The judgment specifies a 15-mile buffer zone around state historic sites in which CAFOs cannot be permitted and cannot operate.


Anonymous said...

This is all based on the smell, not the happiness of hogs. The word in the industry is "hog confinement".

Next to hog confinements are giant effluent ponds. They reek to high heaven and for miles around.

I was on a jury pool about a lawsuit dealing with a big hog operation and a neighboring residential area. The residents were suing the hog farmers over the smell.

This was a big case and I wasn't picked for the jury, so I don't know how it ended up. The trial lasted for months.

Drive parts of northern Missouri and Iowa, They are great for producing low cost bacon, but you wouldn't want to live next to one.

Anonymous said...

The equivalent of the waste of a city of 100,000 and no waste-water treatment. Flooding often produces spill-overs in the "containment" ponds, which then inevitably ends up in our streams, rivers, and lakes. There have been several fish-kills here in Misery that I am aware of.