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Friday, February 20, 2009

Corner Storefront No More

The corner storefront at 2742 Cass Avenue, subject of the previous post "Corner Storefront on Cass Avenue" (May 14, 2008), is under demolition.

There is little left of the once-beautiful building.


Anonymous said...

i know the answer to my question has probably been answered somewhere but why are these buildings torn down? And where does the money come from to tear em down? Is it the usual reasoning .... empty buildings attract rats and other undesirables? And for those wanting these buildings to remain what is the purpose of them remaining? Will they EVER be used?

Anonymous said...

I have some similar questions. Where does the money come from to tear them down? Who owns them? Why aren't they sold or given to a developer? I don't get it either. I know the neighborhood isn't the greatest right at the moment, but it seems like there's a better solution than taking a bulldozer to it all.

Doug Duckworth said...