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Monday, November 9, 2009

Stained Glass Theft On the Rise Again

This morning, there were three messages posted on Rehabbers Club list serve about recent theft of stained glass windows. Three of the five incidents reported were in Tower Grove South. All of the thefts took place in the last month.

Owners of vacant and for-sale buildings with stained glass windows should protect the windows by boarding them up. Architectural antique dealers should ask for proof of legal ownership before buying stained glass windows.

We all should be vigilant when we are at local antique stores. Are the windows for sale legally obtained? Find out. If you have doubts, call the police.

1 comment:

Karen "TheSharperWon" said...

Good info to share Mike. We are indeed to look out for each other. There should be a site where people can go to post pictures. I bet that would deter a lot of theft. On that note, owners should have pictures of their glass, before there is a problem.