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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lo-Fi St. Louis in the RFT

I've been meaning to mention recently that St. Louis video blogger Bill Streeter made the cover of the RFT on January 11, with Mike Seely writing an uncharacteristically readable article entitled "Sweet and Lo-Fi" about Streeter's StL music blog Lo-Fi St. Louis.

Congrats, Bill!

Hey blog readers and blog writers: Are you interested in getting on the cover of the RFT yourself? Why, it's simple! I have carefully studied the last three weeks' worth of RFT cover stories (January 4, January 11, and January 18), and come up with a simple rubric for how one gets to be the subject of an RFT cover story:

MEN: Publish an interesting blog about some aspect of St. Louis culture, promoting our city to the world!

WOMEN: Take your shirt off on a stage and make obvious statements about the fact that you have done so!

Whoops, looks like I'm in the wrong business! Good thing I'm not worried about getting in the RFT!

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