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Saturday, January 7, 2006

Blairmont Case To Be Continued

The hearing for the Building Division's suit against Blairmont Associates LC over the condition of the Clemens House (known as Blairmont #054-2163) has again been continued. The next hearing has been scheduled for February 14, in Division 7 at the Civil Courts Building, at 9:30 a.m.

A tipster says that Paul McKee denies having anything to do with Blairmont or any of its allied enterprises (Noble Development, N & G Ventures, VHS Partners), as well as sharing an address with the company. Should we believe that Harvey Noble and Steve Goldman -- the people who are definitely working for Blairmont -- are going it alone on the "project"?


Anonymous said...

What is your prediction on the outcome of these hearings? Im hoping they will be forced to at least stabilize the building, but I could also see the city giving the property to LRA via eminent domain and it will probably rot another 3-5 years.

Anonymous said...


The city should not allow the developer/owner off the hook by allowing a copout donation to LRA.

The LRA Commission must approve all donations of real estate to LRA. If attempted, the Commission should refuse the donation, and refer the matter over to the Building Division/Housing Court/code enforcement officials.

If Blairmont is as deep-pocketed as some suggest, the city ought to hold their feet to the fire and enforce its building/property maintenance codes.

Michael Allen said...

The outcome will likely be a hasty sale to either the city government or an underfunded buyer.

For the amount that Blairmont paid in August for a property at 1311 St. Louis Avenue -- $65,000 -- some stabilization work could have been done for the porch at the Clemens House. They could have removed it and stored it.