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Thursday, January 26, 2006

120 Clinton is almost gone.

The three story red brick warehouse at 120 Clinton, in the Near North Riverfront neighborhood, is being demolished. I'm not sure of its age, but certainly it is at least as old as our 1885 house. It has a rubble stone foundation, and it is of sturdy post and beam construction, so it's of significant age. The one consolation for me about its disappearance is that it is being carefully dismantled--the brick, floorboards, and posts are being saved and will be reused in some form. Of course, knowing the market, they probably won't be reused in St. Louis, but rather in a wealthier city (New York, Chicago, etc.) that never had such a high quality of bricks (or buildings) in the first place.

Building by building, brick by brick, we continue to allow our city's fine riverfront heritage to slip away.

Maybe when there are only two original riverfront manufacturing buildings left in St. Louis, they can stick a plaque on one and open it as a museum, and tear the other one down for a museum parking lot.

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