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Monday, February 13, 2006

"Are you lost?" in our own neighborhood, law enforcement edition.

I ought to mention that we were pulled over Friday night!

We had just come back from a concert, and were en route to spin past the location of a job I had been offered earlier in the day. We were driving along the edge of Hyde Park (the park) at about 12:30 in the morning, just a few blocks from our house. We had the following conversation:

M: That police car is following us.
C: Do you think so?

...and then the lights went on, and we pulled over. The officer sat there with his lights on for a good two minutes before finally pulling up next to us and explaining why we'd been pulled over. He said slowly, while eyeing us strangely, "I'm looking for a 1997 [make of our car]. You have a 1993." He seemed reluctant to let us go, but did. Of course, he had to ask, "Are you folks lost?"

"No, we live in this neighborhood."

And that was that. He let us go.

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Michael Allen said...

I knew that I should have duct-taped the bumper. That crack looks suspicious!