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Friday, February 3, 2006

Greyhound on the Move

Word is that Greyhound has signed a lease for the proposed multi-modal transportaion center planned in downtown St. Louis just south of Kiel Center.

What is going to happen to the lovely Cass Bank Building at 13th and Cass now occupied by Greyhound? It is located in a nether zone between downtown and the near northside's residential areas, and will be uncomfortably close to a noisy and congested off-ramp from the proposed Mississippi River bridge. Will the Beaux Arts building and its lobby of marble and gilt plaster be another casulty? Or can we figure out a new use for it before Greyhound vacates?

What would you like to see there?


Joe said...

Maybe it could be used as a public library branch! A bit ironic it would be, given the recent demolition of the nearby Crunden Branch building which was also used by a bank for some years.

If the public library is willing to open a branch in the Old Post Office, only a few blocks from their magnificent Central library, why not come back to the near North side?

I'm not sure what year Crunden closed, but it's been quite a while. Likewise, the former Divoll branch in Hyde Park closed probably in the 1960s when the Divoll branch on North Grand was built. The old Divoll later was St Louis Public Schools library services, and has since been sold off rather scandalously.

Anyway, it's ridiculous to me that there's no public library on the near Northside. You either go over to Divoll on North Grand, or downtown.

Anonymous said...

What about a northside branch office of the Royale?

Anonymous said...

A future northside MetroLink station with vendor stands, like coffee, donuts, newspapers, flowers, sandwiches. Sort of like what the Wabash depot at the Delmar Loop station should be.