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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Re-Centering Downtown or Doubling Sprawl?

A new house rises amid hay bales on Red Brick Lane outside of Columbia, Illinois (July 24, 2005). I grew up across the road from this field. Is this development somehow any different or more desirable than what has been built in St. Charles County?


Anonymous said...

All they need is one of those colorful yard decorations that feature a rear view of a lady bent over working in her garden.

In time, they're likely to accumulate a whole row of similar yard ornaments. Geese. Miniature cattle.

Maybe you could photoshop some into the foreground.

Anonymous said...

At least Columbia IL is closer to the central city than St. Charles, in fact its probably better located than Chesterfield.

Anonymous said...

Columbia is closer to downtown, but this rural land is being wrecked by houses like the one shown here.

The only good thing is that the pace of building is still slow over there. There is still a chance to fight off this BS.