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Monday, February 20, 2006

Driver's ed in the city?

I am finally going to break down and learn how to drive, at age 22. I actually do pretty dang well in St. Louis on public transit, on my bike, and on foot, but I think my ability to do errands, our rehab, and my employment prospects might get a little better if I could drive. I get most of the things I need to do done without a car, but it can be frustrating to have to block out three hours just to go across town and get a haircut, and it is very frustrating to have to peruse different bus schedules for every help wanted ad I look at. Not to mention, having the ability to drive is good in case of emergencies, and boy do I owe a lot of people rides.

The big decision for me is: Do I fix up the Karmann Ghia that I've been shamefully neglecting for the past several months, or do I sell it and replace it with a scooter? That will take some thinking.

For now, though, the big question is: Can anyone recommend a good place in (or very near) the city to take driver's ed? And is there anywhere I should avoid?


Clark said...

I can definitely relate. I managed for quite a long time without a driver's license, although spending a few years in Europe definitely made that a lot easier.

As for your question, I used "A Basic Driving School", based in Clayton. Both the woman who takes your call and the instructor they send out (they pick you up at home) are eccentric, and the instructional vehicle is reminiscent of a "Gypsy Cab" in Royal Tenenbaums. If you want some new stories to tell your friends, it's the place to be!

Anthony Coffin said...

Get a scooter! I am planning on getting one after selling my house and moving to Old North. The Volkswagen will only be a money pit like all 4 wheeled transport. Of course bad weather can be an obstacle for scooters.

Lily Bleu said...

I am 30 and still do not drive. I hate the lack of independence but fear driving. I just can't seem to get past it.