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Friday, June 16, 2006

Blairmont Money Goes to Hubbard, Nasheed and El-Amin

According to information in a post on Blog St. Louis (about other interesting matters), northside slumlords Blairmont Associates LC gave $500.00 to the 58th District Democratic Legislative District Committee. This money was combined with other donations and distributed to candidates Rodney Hubbard, seeking re-election to the 58th District State Representative seat; Jamilah Nasheed, seeking the 60th District seat; and Yaphett El-Amin, seeking the 4th District State Senate seat.

If Blairmont is simply a speculative endeavor, and not a front for a planned development project, why would it be buying influence with candidates for the state legislature? If all it needed was to hold the Building and Forestry divisions at bay, its contributions to the 5th Ward Regular Democratic Organization would seem to be all that it could do in that regard.

What could Blairmont need from the state government? Affordable housing tax credits?

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Anonymous said...

The Blairmont spending is coordinated with spending by Clayton law firm Stone, Layton & Gershman. This firm is legal agent for the McEagle companies.