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Monday, June 5, 2006

Downs on Cleveland High School

St. Louis Board of Education member Peter Downs on Cleveland High School: Move and Repair. Down's suggestion is the most reasonable course of action proposed so far.

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Anonymous said...

If slps couldn't afford to maintain the building to start with how can they afford to tear down, rebuild and maintain a new building? I have been in the building business too long to buy into the opinion that a newer building is cheaper to maintain. The boilers and battleship linoleum paid for itself almost 100 years ago. The structure of the building is good. The biggest problems are are due to the envelope. They need to quit playing money games their proprietary roofing contractor and get the building water tight.(look Tremco up on the web)http://www.sfweekly.com/Issues/2003-02-26/news/feature_full.html Good maintenance practices dictate an occasional paint job anyway. So get the building watertight, patch some plaster and you are already at a good starting point. Slps couldn't wait to downsize and eliminate their own maintenance department. Question---How many roofers does SLPS employ to maintain approx 10 million square feet of school buildings? Answer---None!!!!! What's wrong with this picture?????????????????????????
Keep up the good work Peter.