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Thursday, June 8, 2006

1953 Magic Chef Stove

Our old Frigidaire refrigerator died last night.

The 1953 Magic Chef stove that we use, however, holds steady. Its burner jet holes need constant cleaning, but otherwise there have been no problems. The oven's consistency and even heating surpasses any stove that I have ever used. The oven's lining is speckled, enameled sheet metal -- better known as graniteware. The 1953 Magic Chef's design is early space-age streamline, with a white enamel finish punctuated by red bakelite accent parts and chrome door handles.

I should note that the stove is a generous loan from a friend. He would use it himself, except that he has a 1950s-era Maytag in his place. If he does reclaim his stove, we have a 1957 Roper stove that needs new tubing, sitting in a warehouse in the Wellston Loop that another friend owns. That warehouse used to be a Three Sisters department store, that sold appliances in the 1950s -- but not any Roper, which was a Sears store brand.


carrieanddan said...

We have a very similar Magic Chef, but we don't know the year, and can't find the model # I have looked everywhere... I haven't flipped it upside-down, but everything short of that.
I was wondering if you know where they hide such things. Also, we are looking for some parts, any ideas on that? Without a model # I am not getting very far.

Any help is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

i have a general chef gas ref: sink stove in good shape can,t find any info on stve I would like to sale if any int. please email warrencrawley@bellsouth.net

jazzfeesh said...

My magic chef is circa 1950 as well. got mine from SLPS storage@ Delmar HS. nearly 14 years ago. It has more crome & built in flourescents. I found the model number on a small plate under the upper right burner, but it has been scratched. It looks like 9910 or 9010. also found wiring schematic on back. looking for more info and parts...bad oven thermocoupler. I'll share what I find.

Deneen said...

We have a Magic Chef stove circa 1954. Ours has the flourescent lights, timer and an outlet on the dashboard. We are looking for dials and are trying to get the broiler to work. Any advise would be welcome.