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Monday, June 19, 2006

From my newly sunburned self, to those in the know: #52 Clayton South County

Is it just me, or is there no longer a Downtown-bound #52 Clayton South County bus stopping at the corner of Lindell and Grand at 4:18 pm? What about 4:48? Today and Friday (respectively) I tried to catch these busses (which I've caught fairly regularly in the past) but saw neither hide nor hair of a #52. Both times I got out there 15 minutes early and found myself waiting for nearly half an hour, only to catch the regularly scheduled on-the-half-hour #93 Lindell. Am I nuts? Has there been a reroute or reschedule Metro didn't post to its website (imagine that!)?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I don't know what's up with the #52's recently poor on-time performance. The new CWE transit center opened this week, but that shouldn't affect routing around SLU.

But now, when Cross County opens, #93 will become the Midtown-South County. And to make things interesting, #57 Manchester and #59 Shaw-Kirkwood will also pass Grand and Lindell, but these two routes will turn at Grand, only taking Lindell between Grand and Vandeventer. So if you're standing in front of SLU's lovely fountain across from St. Xavier's, then the #93 would be the only bus coming, later this year.

Anonymous said...

Oops, wrong about #59 routing. It will be the #13 Union-Shaw turning at Grand and Lindell. Yikes, sure will be confusing once Cross County opens and Metro Redefined takes effect.

frippy said...

I rode the bus this week for the first time in many months and was surprised by all the changes. #52 used to be called the Forest Park, last time I rode it. I wish I knew the answer to your question.

The new CWE transit center is pretty nice, particularly in light of the positive effect it will have on that strip of Euclid in the Med School/Hospital complex.