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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

McKee May Not Attend MCU Meeting

According to rumors, developer Paul J. McKee will not be appearing in person at Thursday's public meeting at Holy Trinity Church sponsored by Metropolitan Congregations United.


Anonymous said...

He has obviously figured out that an MCU endorsement at this point in time will likely cause more harm than good. Score two points for Paul McKee?

Presumably if he does not show up, his project is off the agenda?

Anonymous said...

How exactly does the MCU work and do they make the final determination if he can move along with his project?

And the article says that he will abide by MCU's guidelines one of which is not displacing the people. He has obviously already began to do this.

Anonymous said...

MCU has absolutely no official capacity in deciding building projects in the City of St. Louis or anywhere.

It is a church coalition pressure group.

barbara_on_19th said...

And he just bought another building in Old North this month, with a new shell company, Babcock LLC. Since he uses the same address for all these companies, so they are hardly secret, he must have some reason for making so many of them. A tax dodge of some sort?

Claire Nowak-Boyd said...

It would not surprise me if he pulled a Fred Phelps on us and got the community all riled up and prepared for his offensive visit, and then didn't show up.