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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Model Project

Photograph by the author.

At last week's grand opening for "The Laurel" condominiums in the former Grand Leader Department Store Building on Washington Avenue, the Pyramid Companies unveiled this model of the building.


gina said...

I would like to see Pyramid do something with City Center before they move onto still something else in the downtown area. City Center looks as crappy as it ever did.

Curtis Miller said...

Why is it I keep thinking of all the electricity that would be used if every light in the building were on?

Remiss63 said...

An impressive model and nice photo of it.

Along with Gina, I'm very interested to see what will be done to overhaul City Center. I hope it isn't translated from being a weak neo-modern design to a vaguely historicist, thin veneer wrapping such a tremendous amount of space.

I suspect the reason Curtis is thinking about electricity use is that the windows seem to be the most interesting thing about this massive building.

Anonymous said...

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Vegetable Lasagna said...

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Anonymous said...

For years, all people were saying about downtown St. Louis was, "Will the last person leaving downtown please turn out the lights?"

Now folks are questioning all the electricity being used to run the lights.

Maybe that's a good thing?