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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mullanphy Foundation Reconstruction Underway

Photo from What's New in Old North.

Old North St. Louis has made a big step in the effort to stabilize the imperiled Mullanphy Emigrant Home. The foundation of the south wall of the Mullanphy Emigrant Home is in the midst of reconstruction this week. Once the foundation work is completed, masons can begin laying the block that will form the new inner wythes of the walls; face brick will come later. Hopefully by winter's onset the roof of the building will be supported by masonry walls.

Remember that the greater the progress made, the greater the cost. The effort to stabilize the landmark continues to seek donations.

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1 comment:

Matt Fernandez said...

I had to slam on my brakes yesterday when I drove by Mullanphy. The pouring of concrete was a beautiful site to behold. The rest of the foundation wall was being framed up today.