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Thursday, October 25, 2007

I would have called it "Ben Joravsky is all in a TIFf"

There's a nice lil' piece about TIFs and Chicago city government by Ramsin Canon over at Gaper's Block. Behold: Why is Ben Joravsky So Mad? For those of you not so keen on reading about development financing, I assure you this is a nicely readable essay.

St. Louisans, some of the stuff outlined in the article about Chicago shore sounds familiar, hm?


Doug Duckworth said...

Favorite quote:

"This is just another way to force legislators, who are supposed to hold the power of the purse over the executive to as act like bureaucrats in the executive branch. Jostling for funds through sycophancy."

Anonymous said...

"Loose statutory language" leads to many abuses, typically as selective enforcement, but also to governmental coercion masquerading as an acceptable use of ED powers. "Oversight too limp", too true.