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Monday, January 19, 2009

Approaching St. Louis

Approaching St. Louis

View west from the upper deck of the Eads Bridge, c. 1930. Photograph from the collection of Landmarks Association of St. Louis.


Thomas Crone said...

Post more o' these, if ya got 'em!

bev said...

Here's how the internet works. I visit a blog that I enjoy and see a photograph that includes two large buildings labeled "Shapleigh Hardware." I think, that must have been one big company, so I look it up on said internet. Yup, was a big company that - way back when - bought out another St. Louis hardware manufacturer called Simmons. Simmons made "Keen Kutter" scissors. I daily use my mom's old sewing scissors that are Keen Kutters - they are the sharpest scissors in this house and they were a wedding gift some 50-odd years ago. They were made after the buyout because I just looked at them and they have "Shapleigh" as part of the logo.

Turns out the best tool I have in my collection (the scissors) are also "collectables." Whatever, they're good scissors.




I love the internet.

Doug Duckworth said...

Look at what we lost...

john w. said...

Smash it all down and put up a Walgreen's... one with a drive-through pharmacy and Christmas parking. Historic architecture is stupid. Smash it all down. Build more surface parking, and widen all of the roads. Shut down public transit and close all of the public schools long enough to disperse the kids and destroy all of the buildings. Put up some more gas stations and big box retail. Re-elect mayor Slay.