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Friday, January 30, 2009

Kitty Kay Gloves

This morning I spied this sign in a storefront transom at 1235 Washington Avenue downtown (the building dubbed the "Avenida" by its developers). The sign reads "Kitty Kay Gloves: For Women Who C-----." Kitty Kay was a popular twentieth century manufacturer of women's gloves and accesories, but I don't know how the tagline ends. Care? Count? Anyone know?


PE said...

For Women Who . . . Count.

Daniel Shown said...

Based on the context, the font size, the amount of space left on the transom window and (most importantly) the angular nature of the visible portion of the letter after "C", I would guess "FOR WOMEN WHO CARE". Though getting up there and scraping off the flaking paint would be the best way to definitively answer. Perhaps it is the captcha I have to type to leave this comment... "cootiona". Now there is a turn of phrase, "FOR WOMEN WHO COOTIONA"

Anonymous said...

My MIL says it is 'CARE'.

Anonymous said...

2nd letters looks to be an A, so we vote care, carve, or callous.