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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Storefront Addition: Delmar Foods

The bow-front, limestone house at 4171 Delmar Boulevard was once an elegant home in the Queen Anne style. Later, it became the backdrop for a one-story commercial bump-out that ended its days as Delmar Foods. Like many homes on the Delmar streetcar line, this one let traffic and density guide the way to a storefront addition during the peak years of St. Louis population boom. the house was empty by 1994, but the storefront remained occupied for another decade. Demolition of both came in 2007. The photograph above dates to November 2006.


brian said...

I loved this place. It was so bizarre that you had to love it. I didn't realize that it had met its demise...been a while since I visited that stretch.

Bob Carder said...

What do you know about Red Fox Forgives you building along 70 in North St. Louis? It is next to the old retired school.

bev said...

My husband looked at the house/storefront to buy back when the store was still in operation. Of course, those were the heydays of the housing bubble and everyone - including the owner of this property - thought they had a gold mine. The owner was simply asking way too much considering the fact that the roof was seriously compromised even then.

The owner was probably one of those who laughed when my husband offered a more reasonable price for the home. Now, it's gone.