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Thursday, December 8, 2005


Wednesday's entry in the blog attributed to Mayor Slay featured the phrase:

"...and that park downtown with the sculpture."

Yeah yeah, real cute. We all know you'd scrap the Serra sculpture entirely if a certain wealthy St. Louis Serra enthusiast wasn't looking over your shoulder. But yeah, we realize you'll save it, and try to move it to Grand Center in the process, since your administration thinks that the only reason Grand Center is such a failure is that it doesn't contain enough art (when in reality, the problem is that it contains absolutely nothing but art and parking lots for art).



Joe said...

I know nobody will believe this, but personally I love "Twain." I walk through it every chance I get.

The park around it could use some more flowers, but not to hide the sculpture, please.

My only complaint is that it's clearly not ADA-accessible. The openings to walk inside are not big enough for a wheelchair. But, it's not realistic to change that.

Michael R. Allen said...

Twain is my favorite work of public art in the city. I also take the chance to walk through it often. Its location next to the comparatively sumptuous Civil Courts Cuilding makes for a pleasing urban contrast.