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Friday, December 16, 2005

Open Letter on the Riverfront

Dear Diana Balmori and friends,

I have a few questions for you:

1. Did you realize that the publicly-announced meeting on the riverfront plan scheduled for Decmber 3 did not happen? And that no press release has been issued by Great Rivers Greenway, the Planning and Urban Design Commission, the Mayor's Office or your office explaining why it did not happen or when it will happen?

2. The Arch grounds are surrounded by an ugly wall formed by concrete traffic barriers. Do you think that maybe redesigning that wall should precede or at least accompany grand riverfront plans?

3. Have you walked around on the east riverfront? The riverfront south of the Arch grounds? North? What are your plans for those areas?

Thank you for your work so far.

A Citizen

1 comment:

Joe said...

Apparently there was a public forum on the Riverfront Plan last night, at the Forest Park visitors center. Did anybody go? Did anybody know about it?

Here's Wagman's article.