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Monday, December 26, 2005

Clean Out the Basement!

Get or give too many gifts for Christmas? Here's an optimistic warning fromSullivan Avenue:

Our basement on October 3, 2005. Over 300 broken computers were among the debris that we removed.

The same space on October 6, 2005. Everything thrown out except for a few antiques that we discovered in the rubble, including an enamelled cast iron sink now in use in our kitchen.


bev said...

My husband is a "micro-developer." In other words, a one-man rehabber. He recently got a house from the LRA that has probably less than 1000 square feet. In the basement of this small home were: 9 washers and dryers, 3 furnaces, assorted car parts, a TV and I think a garbage disposal or two. Oh, and a family of opossums.

Michael R. Allen said...

Y'all should have seen the other three floors of crap -- also cleaned out completely in three days!