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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bohemian Hill Plans Starting a Great Debate

I have little to add to the debate on the Bohemian Hill project, which has gotten off to a fiery start. I am especially encouraged at the number of young people taking a serious interest in shaping the outcome of the project. If only we can become a city worth their sustained commitment, energy and passion...

Built St. Louis' Bohemian Hill page is probably the best starting point for the issue. The second stop would be the embedded information in a recent post by Toby Weiss on Built Environment in Layman's Terms. Then immerse yourself in the discussion thread at Urban St. Louis.

Until a real site plan surfaces, and the eminent domain threat is addressed, the debate will be in somewhat of a holding pattern for hard facts. That's not stopping the critics, though -- a good thing. I expect a lengthy and passionate process that will make this one of the year's biggest development issues. (In other words, the issue "Blairmont" could be if the masses truly cared about the northside.)


Anonymous said...

Sickening, absolutely sickening to see myopic developers teaming up with lazy politicians to destroy valuable peoperty and to displace homeowners.

And these same leaders wonder why so many have abandoned the region. Truly mental midgets at work.

Anonymous said...

I understand the need for having shopping near downtown. I see a real simple option. HEY SCHNUCKS, REOPEN THE PAGE AVE STORE. HINT!!!!!

Since of course that won't happen, can't we at least do underground parking like the Target over on Hampton instead of another nasty looking strip mall. I left Phoenix (the undisputed king of strip malls) for a reason you know....