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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Two Good Things About St. Louis

The Royale Treatment - Eddie Silva (St. Louis Magazine, February 2007)

Is this an article about Steve Smith or the cultural future of this city? Does it really matter, with prose this lovely?

Cool to be Kind - Molly Languir (Riverfront Times, January 31)

Amid depopulation and big-time real estate maneuvers, a quiet revolution is occurring on the near northside. Its leaders are the gentle Catholic Workers from the Karen House community, some of my favorite neighbors.

While some might read articles like this and think we have a fine counterculture, others could come to the conclusion that many St. Louisans have redefined the city's cultural identity. Forget the easily replicated allure of new condos or the sports teams that other cities have. The really original things about St. Louis may pass undetected by most people, but they are providing desperately needed cultural continuity. Some people seem to truly think that St. Louis is a great city, and they translate these thoughts into actions.

In fact, so many interesting people live here one could easily stop thinking about the old guard forever, if only they stopped stealing houses, leveling neighborhoods and pulling the city further into decline.

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Anonymous said...

Funny thing about the Workers: Many people used to call Dorothy Day and other assorted "fellow travellers" communists and pinkos. Some still do. Within the Church. That's rich: do the work of Jesus Christ and you're a traitor, a red, or un-American. Enter a war exploiting the ignorants fear of "terrorism", and you're a patriot. I'm mixing eras a bit here, but I hope you get the point.