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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Highlights from Blairmont's CV

Just a reminder about Blairmont, geared specifically to the couple of folks who've tried to defend them to me lately:

They haven't built any houses, and they haven't done any development. (Not that driving a bulldozer across an entire tenth of the City's landmass constitutes "development," but so far we're just in the "harassing and intimidating Near North Siders" phase of the project....)

McBlairmont's only "developments" so far have included:

--several illegal evictions, including at least one that nearly made a family homeless
--three known fires in a period of about one month, including one which nearly burned an occupied building
--trying to con a blind woman out of her home by lying to her about the contract she was signing
--harassment of numerous home and business owners
--informing or implying to property owners that they have or will have the power to blight
--the removal of a family that had owned their home for over 50 years
--numerous thefts and pillagings of great buildings. I myself witnessed part of the Clemens House porch being stolen--could it be that McBlairmont is deliberately trying to let that building get ruined? If it's not intentional, they are doing a great job of it anyway!

Gee fucking whiz--what a lot of great "developments!"

But who knows, maybe all these human rights abuses and cultural thefts are benefiting the abused Near North Side, and her poor and black residents most of all. Maybe it is I who have the problem, with my ridiculous notions of human safety and dignity.

In other news, eating broken glass is good for you. Eat it every day! Film at 11!


Anonymous said...

McKee Town, McGhost Town, McEthnic Cleansing, McRacism, McCondemnationville, McWhitey Whites Vinyl Palace Paradise, McRoundabout Curvy Curve and Cul De Sac Playland, Winghaven II

Mr. McKee please stop McShitting on the northside, you are not welcome!

Anonymous said...

I've heard this apologist argument too. I read a Blairmont-Forest Park discussion on Craigslist Rants&Raves last night where many west-co people chimed with "northside" + "developer" = "automatic good". Duh! We need development. What we don't need is a little Milosevic. Can we rename McKee's industry? The real developers whose projects I bid and do work for are sickened by this behavior and don't want to be identified with him. He isn't "developing" anything but the revulsion of his peers.

Anonymous said...

name ideas:

McOldTown NorthSide Estates

McStupid Outdated Thinking

McArcturis Unsophisticated Master Plan Estates

Mc Same Shit Different Day Haven

McArchView Plastic Playland

The Exurb-in-Town

The Near Northside Memorial Near Northside