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Friday, February 16, 2007

Time for the Weather

There will be snow tonight, someone just told me.

Oh, well. That's nice.

Once upon a time, I watched the weather forecast every day, and looked at weather websites nearly hourly. That was back when the roof leaked and the walls needed rebuilding. Then, I looked at weather even more carefully when we rebuilt the walls and installed the new roof. After all, I am doing all of the scheduling for our rehab and that's a big responsibility.

Now, we have many weather-sensitive items left, like window and door work and painting, but nothing that brings in the danger of water infiltration or debilitating work stoppage.

If anyone thinks that means the good times are rolling at our house, be aware that the regained time is headed straight into catch-up work on long-delayed interior projects.

As one can see, committment to historic preservation is no abstract proposition around this house.


Anonymous said...

What did you decide to do about the floor CATastrophe? Nothing I've read, no one I've spoken to, had a better idea than replacing it.

Michael R. Allen said...

Do you mean the urine-soaked boards?

We plan to replace them with salvaged boards.

Anonymous said...

B-Brite from Worm's Way does a great job of removing the odor of animal urine. When the GF and I moved into our house here in Dutchtown, we removed a nasty carpet from all the rooms which had it(ca.550-600squ. ft.), then sanded and refinished the hardwood floors. Well, I sanded, and WE stained and polyed them. However, while sanding, we came upon about 5-6 areas that had moderate to severe dog urine damage. Mmmmm, hot sanded, urine smell. A few applications of the B-Brite in warm water solution, and the smell has not returned. The stains were taken care of--for the most part-- by wood bleach. Fortunately, most of the damage was around the perimeter of the rooms. Just throwing that out there for an FYI.