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Friday, March 2, 2007

Lambert Terminal Will Be Rehabbed -- Carefully

According to a post on MayorSlay.com, the $100 million airport terminal reconstruction project will "carefully rehab" airport's landmark main terminal by Minoru Yamasaki. As the region's most widely used modernist building, the integrity of the terminal is an extremely important expression of local stewardship of mid-century design. Alongside rehab, the terminal could be enhanced by removal of some of the intrusive canopies in front and other later alterations. While full restoration is unlikely, a sympathetic rehabilitation could restore much of the modern character of the terminal that is a worldwide gateway to the city (just like another modernist icon).


Anonymous said...

Curious... How much does the 'steel web of nothing' portion of the project I saw in the PD cost?

Anonymous said...

Never mind, there's glass in it I didn't notice the first time.