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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Two North County Municipalties Making Progress in Preservation, Design Review

Black Jack creates architectural review board - Brian Flinchpaugh (Northwest County Journal, March 13)

Critics including Toby Weiss and I have long lamented the lack of preservation review in parts of St. Louis County where midcentury buildings lack protection and appreciation. Others have lamented the lack of sound planning policies in the county, and pointed to the inherent difficulty of creating meaningful policy amid 91 different municipalities. At least Black Jack is making the best of the current system.

Program could help Normandy preserve historic structures - Sonia Ahuja (North County Journal, March 13)

Meanwhile, Normandy is examining participation in the Missouri State Historic Preservation Office's Certified Local Government program. The mayor and several aldermen are already backing participation, which would entail the establishment of a preservation commission.


Anonymous said...

While ordinances such these are written to maintain housing and community standards, courts have found similar cases to be exclusionary and discriminatory.

Anonymous said...

And Black Jack has a history of exclusionary zoning.

Anonymous said...

specifics which courts? educate us, please, other anonymous person.

Anonymous said...

good article on exclusionary zoning