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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Power Outage in Old North

This morning, I awoke in the dark hearing the sounds of large trucks encircling my block. Concerned, I got up to find that the power was out in the house. I went to the window and saw the now-familiar sight of a fire engine with a roving searchlight looking at power lines. Old North St. Louis was pitch dark as far as the eye could see; in fact, the only lights I could see were headlights and the downtown skyline.

The outage lasted for over two hours -- pretty short nowadays. Oddly, I had a strong intuition that a power outage was coming. On Thursday night, all of the street lights in my part of the neighborhood were out through the night. Over the weekend, a friend mentioned the stress of the previous outages.

An occasional blackout like this is not outrageous, but in light of the events of last year and Ameren's supposed stepped-up maintenance program and desire for a rate increase, a little disconcerting. There is no lesson or theory at work here -- just concern.


Doug Duckworth said...


Make sure your trees are trimmed. You know that those branches could have caused the power outage!

Anonymous said...

Branches, possibly an accident, weather, or wait a minute maybe it could've been a small squirrel playing near a transformer. But as you said this isn't outrageous. Just as long as you can spin it into a larger issue.

Anonymous said...

a car slammed into a utility pole, nearly knocking it over on 10th causing the outage.