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Thursday, March 22, 2007


My prediction about tomorrow....

....is that the State Board of Education will vote to take away accreditation from the St. Louis Public Schools, thereby making the future of current SLPS seniors shaky, and making college seem like an impossibility for current SLPS underclassmen.

Then, Mayor Slay will get up and high-five the members of the board, and they will spray Gatorade all over each other. Hellzzz yes another win for team Fuck St. Louis! Over glasses of bubbly later that evening, they will have a rousing discussion about what governmental body they can have removed from City power next.

I know that Slay isn’t making the decision tomorrow, but shit, where mayors of other troubled districts have tried to fight to keep their schools under City and citizen control, Slay has been waving the white flag and shouting “Hey guys! Over here! Take us over!” since the day he no longer controlled the majority of the School Board. He went from painfully defensive of the SLPS to painfully critical, overnight.

It might be okay to support charter schools, but it is NOT OKAY to give up on the public schools altogether.

And hey, don’t get me wrong, the charter school in my neighborhood has been a decent neighbor, although it thas taken some work to get to that point. On the whole, I’m glad they’re here. But you know what? Just a couple of years after the new charter school opened up here, our neighborhood SLPS middle school is now threatened with closure. Real fucking funny, right? It's a big fucking hilarious joke on the Near North Side. I think I hear laughter from Room 200.

High fives and Gatorade tomorrow in Jeff City, kids. It’ll be just like last time Slay was out of town—you remember, last week he was suddenly on vacation at nearly the exact time he told the students at the SLPS sit-in that he would meet with them. It sure must be fun to have vacations and Gatorade whenever something difficult happens. Just like in elementary schoo... oh, wait.


Anonymous said...

Anybody want to start a pool on how soon there will be a post on the Mayor's blog talking about how necessary it is to hand off control to Rober^H^H^H^H^Hthe state?

Anonymous said...

Sorry anonymous, your a week too late.


Anonymous said...

Check out the comments by Angry Independent at PubDef. He speaks for a lot of us.

check out Angry Independent's comment here.

Anonymous said...

Oh, see, I was talking about the triumphant "I have inevitably allowed this to happen" post, rather than the "I will inevitably allow this to happen" post.