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Friday, August 29, 2008


Entitled "Changes," my latest commentary for radio station KWMU aired this morning. The piece reflects on changes both physical and social taking place literally across the street from my house in Old North St. Louis. New residents have moved into the colorfully-painted buildings seen above, which were rehabbed as part of the ongoing Crown Square project transforming the center of the neighborhood. Read or listen to the commentary here.


Anonymous said...

How many millions? It all sounds good, but is it worth it?

Anonymous said...

It seems that there is no threat of Mckee there how close are you to his blockbusting?

Anonymous said...

McKee owns some lots in the area. But there's no way anyone would back his demolition and displacement activities in Old North.

The state is heavily invested in the revitalization of ONSL.

McKee's hopes lie in working in areas where the neighborhood is mostly gone.

Hence the Richard Ward, "look at it from a helipcopter" comment.

Anonymous said...

Old North residents have worked long and hard to have "no threat," so I wouldn't begruge them the progress that they have made. Old North was headed in the same direction as St. Louis Place and Hyde Park just 30 years ago, and even 15 years ago.

Anonymous said...

To the first anonymous, is it worth it? Count the results.

Tens of millions in payrolls for construction workers. Those jobs build the capacity of the rehab contractors of our region and those dollars revolve through our local economy.

The project will produce affordable housing, new jobs, and rehab historic buildings in an historic neighborhood. The neighborhood is being revitalized. How much is that worth?

Doesn't this project exactly accomplish what the state and federal tax credit programs created for this purpose were intended to do?

The real question is why would anyone want to do away with these programs if they are so effective?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:36 is making the case for McKee's redevelopment efforts in JVL. More voices will do the same.

McKee was foolish to buy vacant property in Old North (unless he gets to rehabbing the buildings or building appropriately on the vacant lots). At the end of the day, he will be lauded for his efforts in other areas of the near north side.

He'd be smart if he got stated doing something with his properties in ONLS. The momentum is there now. He'd be viewed as a good neighbor.

Imagine: Paul McKee a good neighbor in Old North. Now that's some irony. The Old North people are in a delicate situation when it comes to how they interact with Paul McKee and his minions.

Chris said...

"McKee was foolish to buy vacant property in Old North (unless he gets to rehabbing the buildings or building appropriately on the vacant lots)."

Considering that one of his houses in Old North literally collapsed a couple of months ago, I wouldn't hold out too much hope for him starting major rehabbing in Old North any time soon.

I agree with the foolishness of McKee buying in Old North.