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Friday, May 22, 2009

Video from Last Night's Meeting on the McEagle Project

Seth Teel captured video at last night's public meeting on McEagle's "NorthSide" project and posted it to YouTube.

Here are some of Alderwoman April Ford-Griffin (D-5th)'s opening remarks:

Here is the talk by Paul J. McKee, Jr. in several short segments:

Here is the closing address by Alderwoman Marlene Davis (D-19th):

Here is the closing statement by Alderwoman Ford-Griffin:


Anonymous said...

It is clear that both Griffin and Davis are now in Paul McKee's camp. They are now walking a political high wire. Notice that no one from the mayor's office attended the church hall meeting. The aldermen are in the lead. Let no one be mistaken: alderman control what happens in their wards.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Geesh, who saw THAT coming?

Anonymous said...

Now that the the number $5.4 billion is out there, expect some non-prof neighborhood organizers to line up for their cut. Now you will see that some (not all) of the protest are just passive extortion strategies. Greed wins in the end.

Michael R. Allen said...

Last Anonymous, you have a point that is partly true. There are organizers out there whose integrity is exemplary, like the people at the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group and the Neighbors for Social Justice. Those two groups are working to advance development and justice for the people of the 5th and 19th wards and their actions most definitely have nothing to do with passive extortion. Keep the brush narrow, please, and call out the people who deserve it while recognizing that many community organizers really do work hard to organize their communities!

Anonymous said...

It’s fine if McKee’s compensation was from hard work and investment in the community, but unequivocally speaking this will not be the case. It seems like the current plan gives a ton of revenue to McEagle through government handouts and middle man style bid-ask spread profiteering. The plan could go horribly wrong and McEagle would reap ungodly profits nonetheless.

This guy is a glorified welfare case, and I can only hope that my hard earned taxes don’t go to fund his extravagant lifestyle, but that’s probably too much to ask from our current leadership. Here’s a link to McKee’s mansion in Huntleigh, not bad:


barbara_on_19th said...

@anon 7:19 5/23... you say "expect some non-prof neighborhood organizers to line up for their cut".

I'm a non-professional neighborhood organizer, and have spent hundreds of dollars out of my own pocket maintaining McKee's properties, making flyers, helping people evicted from his properties find new housing, etc. If you want to cast aspersions on someone you know with a hand out, make it clear who you are talking about please.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the videos. Do you have a copy of the presentation slides, especially the one detailing the financial objectives-data?