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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tornado sirens: Not working in parts of StL County; Kind of working in St. Louis City

On KMOV.com:

Officials investigate tornado siren warning system failure

Apparently, sirens did not sound in several municipalities out there in St. Louis County.

We heard them here in Old North St. Louis, though they sounded a good fifteen minutes after the most dangerous weather had already passed. Perhaps most troubling, though, was how garbled the voiced instructions were. They came from several different speakers, each of which spoke at a slightly different time. The result was.... well.... Let's just hope we never actually have to count on those speakers for instructions in case of an actual disaster, because we will all be in big trouble.

For the curious: The City Of St. Louis Emergency Management Agency's rather outdated, uninformative website (Shouldn't this be used to disseminate useful information, rather than animated GIFs and event schedules from 2003?)

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Urban Review - St. Louis said...

I'm pretty close to my firehouse so I hear the sirens adn instructions well. When they went off the other night I sat up in bed and waited for the instructions. It took forever for the siren to stop and the instructions to start.