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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Who is Blairmont Associates?

Today I discovered that the beautiful former Brecht Butcher Supply Company warehouses between Hadley and Florissant along Cass Avenue, immediately north of the Greyhound Station, are owned by none other than Blairmont Associates. Readers may recall that Blairmont Associates is a troublesome and largely anonymous group of speculators that has purchased hundreds of acres in the city's Fifth Ward, mostly in the Old North St. Louis and St. Louis Place neighborhoods.

Blairmont owns the James Clemens House, the scene of an unfortunate robbery last week. (More on that soon!)

No one has found much about them, as their corporate registration was done through a third party and their mailing address was at Eagle Realty Company.

The city Assessor's database record for the Brecht buildings gives a new address, however.

According to the record, Blairmont Associates' address is 4131 Davis Street in Boulevard Heights. 4131 Davis Street is a private residence owned by Roberta M. Defiore, Ph.D., who is employed by St. Louis University and assists the St. Louis Archdiocesan Office of Urban and Community Affairs, the strategic planning arm of the Church.

Interesting. But I still don't know who Blairmont is. For all that I know, this record is in error and the address is wrong. The record leaves out the customary "LC" behind the name of Blairmont, but that's probably one of those danged old typos Claire mentioned.

Word is circulating that the city's Building Division is suing Blairmont over the condition of the Clemens House.

Whatever is going on, Blairmont may want to come forward and tell Fifth Ward residents the who, what and why they want to know -- before suspicions run too deep.


Anonymous said...

Blairmont Associates owns lots of properties in North St. Louis. I've sent you information to help you in your quest to bring them to justice. Best of luck.

- A concerned St. Louis property owner

Jessie said...

Please tell us more on the robbery at the Clemens house. Myself and a few friends visit this site frequently for pictures.

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting the good fight against these Blairmont people whoever they are. I've sent in complaints to CSB(ha right!) about the property on Blair and Palm. I haven't checked in a while, but a month ago they still hadn't boarded it up right.

Anonymous said...

we were in the Clemens House about 4 weeks ago. The beautiful painting in the chaple is "missing" - either painted over or removed.

bolbar5@charter.net said...

I am so sorry to see this continued neglect of the property. I asked the Berean Missionary several years ago if I could buy the property and they were so dis-organized and un-caring about the property; they just wanted to take my photo in front of the house. The house is a beautiful. It was built as a "love poem" to his deceased wife Elizabeth Mullanphy" daughter of John Mullanphy - one of the greatest citizens of early St. Louis. Elizabeth had 12 children and James built the house in honor of her. All the children were raised in the home. Why do we have to tear down one of the last "residential mansions" with ties to Mullanphy. Yes, Samual Clemens stayed here but that is not the greatest thing about this house. It's architecture and ties to a great St. Louis family are the great value to present day St. Louis. How about a museum? A small historical St. Louis Library branch - just for children. I am a descendent of Mullanphy and there are many of us throughout the country. Please continue to speak up to save this house.

Anonymous said...

Blairmont Associates were sued by the City with the hearing scheduled for this last Thursday (12/1/05). Unfortunately, I was not able to get off of work to attend the hearing. I will post the results as soon as I get them. I would like to get in contact with the Mullanphy descendant who posted on the 29th of November and talk.